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Old type legacy AT PSU Compatibility list


PSU measurements PSU connectors and certifications PSU comparison chart how to choose a psu How to test a PSU


If your internet search brought you here, chances are we have a suitable power supply for your PC.

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Please also read our FAQ about Replacement Power Supplies



Our AT PSUs are branded, new and high quality modified ATX PSU with -5Volt rail, P8 & P9 connectors and remote On/Off switch.

See AT PSU comparison chart here>>






-These PSUs have the -5Volt wire required for AT boards.

-Some systems without motherboard, such as HDD encolsures, do not require the use the P8 & P9 connectors.

-AT PSUs traditionally have a Monitor Outlet but a standard PC/Kettle power cord, or twin power cord can be used to power the monitor directly form the main instead. Order one of our PSU with Monitor outlet if required. See here why a Monitor outlet is not required>>

-Some systems do not require the On/Off switch. It may be simply left switched ON and tied up safely inside the machine. The switch is removable and can be replaced by another one (terminal block size: 9x0.6mm)

-P8 and P9 connectors MUST be plugged in so that the black wires are side by side (together in the center). Failure to do so may damage the board. Not to be mistaken for the similar looking Auxiliary ATX connector which has 3black, 2orange and 1red wires and which may also be labeled P9.

-Some systems without motherboard do not require the use of the P8 & P9 connectors which can be left unused.

-Some slim PC cannot take a PSU with a fan on top due to the lack of room for ventilation.

Get the he version with the top fan removed.

-Some rare AT PSU also have a P10 connector with 3 black + 3 orange (+3.3V) or 3 red (+5V)  wires. Our AT PSU does not come with it as standard. Please order our eBay item No 192310770992 if this P10 connector is required and let us know if you require orange or red wires. .You can check your PSU connector and motherboard socket to determine which colour is required.

To purchase, click on this "buy Now" button and order item No. 29.



AT PSU compatibility list




-Standard PS2 type 85x150x140mm.
-Brand: Seventeam.
-Certifications: All.

-Ventilation: 1x80mm + 1x90mm quite fans.

-Voltage & Connectors:
ST-302HLP(AT): 110/230V (Auto Range), P8 & P9, 6Molex, 3Floppy, Detachable AT switch.

ST-352HLP(AT): 230V only, P8 & P9, 6Molex, 2Floppy, Detachable AT switch.

-Unit Net Weight: 2.1Kg.

-Packing: Single box: 25x20x10Cm, 2.4Kg / Bulk Box: 10pcs, 50x35x20Cm, 22Kg.



P8 & P9 Connection



In order to prevent any board damage the P8 and P9 connectors MUST be plugged in

so that the black wires are side by side (together in the center).



Some rare AT PSU also have a P10 connector with 3 orange and 3 black wires. Our AT PSU does not come with it as standard.

Please order our eBay item No 192310770992 if this P10 connector is required.



AT Switch connection




Monitor Outlet requirement


AT PSUs have a monitor outlet. This is not required on new AT PSUs

See here why a monitor outlet is not actually required >>



Fan Position

Original AT PSUs have a fan at the front (left). Latest PSUs have a larger fan on top for a better and quieter ventilation.

This is not a problem as the fan usually faces down towards the motherboard. However, in rare cases, a top fan can be a problem in slim chassis (such as a 2U 19" rackmount) where the lid would obstruct the ventilation.

See here how a PSU is mounted in a chassis >>



AT PSU Video




This PSU replaces the following PSUs:


This PSU is compatible with the following computers:


Acer Aspire 5133LK

AGI BPS-2001-4U
AGI BPS-2504-4U

Arbor ZKS-250AE
Astec 190170-01
Astec 213-00013
Astec 628699-001
Astec 73-610-001
Astec 73-610-016
Astec PSE5-115-CI-001
Astec PSE5-115-CI-016
Astec SA145-3408
Astec SA145-3430

Astec SA145-3490
Astec SA201-3438
Astec SA201-3439
Astec SA201-3440
Astec SA201-3455
Astec SA301-3405
Astec SA302-3505
Astec VL201-3400
Athena Power AP-AT30
Athena Power AP-AT35
Athena Power AP-AT40
Athena Power AT-30
Bestec BPS-2504-4TU
Bestec BPS-2994-4U
Compaq 213928-001
Compaq 213929-001
Compaq 213976-021
Compaq 214969-001
Compaq 214978-001
Compaq 334540-001
Compaq 334543-001
Compaq Presario 5695
Compaq PS2021
Compaq PS-5151-4A
Compaq PS-5151-4C
Deer DR-230C
Delta DPS-145PB-38 A
Delta DPS-145PB-38 A Rev: 01
Delta DPS-200PB-8
Emacs HG2-6300P (AT Version)

Emacs SP2-4250F

Emacs SP2-4300FB 6SP2-300B054
Enermax E251P-V
Fs200 s40g
FSP 9PP2500201
FSP 9PP2500203


Gateway 6500010
G-Power 190308-01
G-Power GP-4150PB
G-Power GP-4200PB
Hipro HP-200 PPGN
Hipro HP-230PPFN
IBM 52G7955
IBM 92F0411
Kingspao KP-220TUL
Kingspao MPS-6220T

Liteon PA-4221-3A1

Liteon PA-4151-9B1
Liteon PS-5151-4A
Liteon PS-5151-4C
Macase MG-250EP
Mapower PP-300TA (no P8&P9)
Max Power KP-220TUL
Max Power MPS-6220T
NEC 158-050684-002
NEC 190170-01
NEC 213-00007
NEC SA302-3505-1276
Packard Bell 190050
Packard Bell DSP-1454P
Packard Bell PB150C
Power Switch Corp PS-AT-200CC
Power Tronic PTA-4200CF
Power Tronic SK-4145DE
PowerMan HP-230PP3
PowerWin PW-200APSA

PowerWin PW-250APSA

PowerWin PW-250APSA
Ram Technologies PFC230PC




Sentomi SMP-200V

Seventeam ST-300WHT-P
Sparkle 9PP2500201
Sparkle 9PP2500203
Sparkle SPI-250G
Sparkle SPI-250G-B
Sparkle SPI-300G
Sparkle SPI-300G-B




StarTech AG-230T
StarTech PS2POWER230
Topower TOP-250SS
Topower TOP-250SS-CE
Touch MU-250P
Zippy - Emacs HG2-6300P


And more...

Older legacy Computers using AT technology.

HDD Storage enclosure

Shopping mall kiosks

Amusement industry

   -Gaming machines

   -Video games

   -Arcade games

Legacy industrial control platform

Plant control system


And more...


Gaming machines:

Merit Megatouch XL (Gold, Platinum, and Titanium)

Merit Scorpion Dart

WMS Pin2000

Arachnid Black Widow

Benchmark big  Haul

Valley HB & IQ Dart

Merit Maxx


And more...







This compatibility list is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge. However, it is only a guide to help you find a suitable PSU and we cannot guarantee compatibility at 100%. We do not assume any liability whatsoever for the accuracy and completeness of the above information.

Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE)





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