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SFX PSU Compatibility list


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If your internet search brought you here, chances are we have a suitable power supply for your PC.

Press on "Ctrl + F" to find your model number on this page and follow the link bellow to purchase online.

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Please also read our FAQ about Replacement Power Supplies


Our SFX PSU is a suitable replacement for a variety of slim desktops including HP Pavilion, DELL Studio computers and more. The 4 SFX PSU bellow are similar and are usually interchangeable.

Check that the fan position of our PSU (second picture) is compatible with your chassis.

SFX PSU with a 80mm fan sitting on top              SFX PSU with a 80mm fan sitting on top inside the casing (Our PSU)


SFX PSU with a60mm fan at rear                                                SFX PSU with a 60mm fan at front

To purchase, click on this "buy Now" button and order item No. 16.



SFX PSU compatibility list




-SFX PSU 63x125x100mm.
-Brand: FSP.
-Voltage: 115/230V (Switch).

-Power output: 300Watt.

-Certifications: CE.
-Connectors: 20+4pin, 2Molex, 2SATA, 1Floppy, P4.

-Unit Net Weight: 0.7Kg.

-Packing: Single box: 25x20x10Cm, 1Kg / Bulk Box: 10pcs, 35x35x15Cm, 7Kg

-Rating: +3.3V: 21A, +5V: 20A, +12V1: 14A, +10V2: 16A, +5Vsb: 2.5A, -12V: 0.5A,


This PSU replaces the following PSUs:

This PSU is compatible with the following computers:


0950-3657 (4p)
0950-3746 (4p)
5184-2191 (4p)
Ac Bel API-8628
Ac Bel API-9565
API-9565 (Rev. D) 90W 4p
Astec ATX202-3515
Astec ATX202-3515-1412B
Astec ATX202-3545
Athena Power MP4ATX30
ATX-151 (atx151) 4p
Bestec ATX100-5
Bestec ATX-100-5
Bestec ATX-100-5 (atx100-5)
Bestec ATX-120
Bestec ATX-151
Bestec ATX-151 (atx151) 4p
Bestec ATX-1523D
Bestec ATX-1523D D2
Bestec ATX1523F
Bestec ATX-1523F
Bestec ATX93-1523F
Bestec ATX93-3415
Channel Well Technology (CWT) CWT-220 FXC
Channel Well Technology (CWT) PSF220M-20
Channel Well Technology (CWT) PSF300M-20
Chieftec SFX-230P2
Compaq 0950-3449
Compaq 0950-3602
Compaq 0950-3646
Compaq 0950-3657
Compaq 0950-3746
Compaq 0950-3994
Compaq 110W
Compaq 138652-001
Compaq 145W
Compaq 174048-001
Compaq 189801-001
Compaq 201829-001
Compaq 207817-001
Compaq 216008-001
Compaq 216008-002
Compaq 216912-001
Compaq 221270-001
Compaq 224063-001
Compaq 251626-001
Compaq 5183-9078
Compaq 5184-2191
Compaq 5185-2003
Compaq 5185-2917
Compaq 5185-2934
Compaq ANX-145A
Compaq Evo D300 V-series Minitower
Compaq Presario 5304
Compaq Presario 5400 CTO
Compaq Presario 5410
Compaq Presario 5451
Compaq Presario 5457
Compaq Presario 5461
Compaq Presario 5465
Compaq Presario 7300
Compaq Presario 7360
Compaq PS-5141-4C
Coolmax CM-300
D9287-69001 (4p EWOK 120W)
Delta 24P6881
Delta DPS-111AB
Delta DPS-111AB A
Delta DPS-111AB B
Delta DPS-111AB C
Delta DPS-111AB-A
Delta DPS120AB A
Delta DPS-120AB A
Delta DPS-120AB-1
Delta DPS-120AB-1 B
Delta DPS-120AB-1 B 4p
Delta DPS-145PB-100
Delta DPS-145PB-111
Delta DPS-145PB-111A
Delta DPS-145PB-117 B
Delta DPS-149AB A 
Delta DPS-149AB B
Delta DPS-185DB
Delta DPS-300AB-9
Eagle DR-B200SFX
Emachine 101026
Emachine 1361
Emachine 1451
Emachine 266
Emachine 300
Emachine 300C
Emachine 300K
Emachine 333C
Emachine 333CS
Emachine 333I
Emachine 333ID
Emachine 333K
Emachine 366C
Emachine 366I
Emachine 366I2
Emachine 366ID
Emachine 366IS
Emachine 400I
Emachine 400I2
Emachine 400I3
Emachine 400ID
Emachine 400IDX
Emachine 400IX
Emachine 433I
Emachine 466I
Emachine 466ID
Emachine 466IR
Emachine 466IS
Emachine 466IX
Emachine 500I
Emachine 500ID
Emachine 500IDX
Emachine 500IS
Emachine 500IX
Emachine 533I
Emachine 533ID
Emachine 533ID2
Emachine 533IR
Emachine 560A1YR
Emachine 566I
Emachine 566I2
Emachine 566IR
Emachine 566IRX
Emachine 7331
Emachine 944
Emachine C633cd
Emachine eMonster 1000
Emachine eMonster 1000B
Emachine eMonster 500
Emachine eMonster 500a
Emachine eMonster 550
Emachine eMonster 550R
Emachine eMonster 600
Emachine eMonster 700k
Emachine eMonster 800
Emachine PWP165H
Emachine T1090
Emachine T1096
Emachine T1100
Emachine T1105
Emachine T1110
Emachine T1115
Emachine T1116
Emachine T1120
Emachine T1125
Emachine T1400
Emachine T1801
Emachine T1855
Emachine T1901
Emachine T1930
Emachine T3100
Emachine T4130
Emachine T4150
Emachine T4155
Emachine T4160
Emachine T4165
Emachine T4200
Emachines Ilssan ISP 120S
Enermax EG285S-VB
Enermax EG285SX-VB
Enhance ENP-2116H
Enhance ENP-2120
Enhance ENP-2120D
Enhance ENP-2120H
Enhance ENP-2725D
Enhance ENP-2725H
Enhance SFX-1211J-GB
Enhance SFX-1215H
Enlight B4787
Enlight EN-8201931A1
ENP-2120H, M-400U
Ever Power CWT-200MD12
Ever Power CWT-250MDP12
FSP 9PA2700126

FSP200 50NIV
Gateway 2000 G6-233
Gateway 6500125
Gateway 6500184
Gateway 6500308
Gateway 6500329
Gateway 6500361
Gateway 6500400
Gateway 6500451
Gateway 6500495
Gateway 6500505
Gateway 6500506
Gateway 6500507
Gateway 6500527
Gateway GP6-350
Gateway Performance 500
Gateway Performance 750
High Power SFX-230M2
High Power SFX-270A1
Hipro HP-K1363A3
Hipro HP-K1603A3
Hipro HPR1603A302
HP 0950-3449
HP 0950-3602
HP 0950-3602 (4p)
HP 0950-3646
HP 0950-3657
HP 0950-3746
HP 0950-3961
HP 0950-3994
HP 189801-001
HP 221270-001
HP 224063-001
HP 5183-9078
HP 5184-2191
HP 5185-2003
HP 5185-2917
HP 5185-2934

HP 5185-2974

HP D9948A
HP P5170A
HP P5170AR
HP Pavilion 0950-3449

HP Pavilion 4403
HP Pavilion 4404
HP Pavilion 4404H
HP Pavilion 4405
HP Pavilion 4407
HP Pavilion 4407H
HP Pavilion 4409
HP Pavilion 4409H
HP Pavilion 4410
HP Pavilion 4410H
HP Pavilion 4411
HP Pavilion 4411H
HP Pavilion 4413
HP Pavilion 4413H
HP Pavilion 4415
HP Pavilion 4416
HP Pavilion 4416H
HP Pavilion 4420
HP Pavilion 4422
HP Pavilion 4422H
HP Pavilion 4430
HP Pavilion 4433
HP Pavilion 4435
HP Pavilion 4440
HP Pavilion 4443
HP Pavilion 4445
HP Pavilion 4450
HP Pavilion 4453
HP Pavilion 4455
HP Pavilion 4456
HP Pavilion 4458
HP Pavilion 4460
HP Pavilion 4463
HP Pavilion 4473
HP Pavilion 4483
HP Pavilion 4509
HP Pavilion 4510
HP Pavilion 4512
HP Pavilion 4515
HP Pavilion 4530
HP Pavilion 4533
HP Pavilion 4535
HP Pavilion 4536
HP Pavilion 4540
HP Pavilion 4550Z
HP Pavilion 4553Z
HP Pavilion 4563Z
HP Pavilion 501n
HP Pavilion 510
HP Pavilion 510c
HP Pavilion 510d
HP Pavilion 510k
HP Pavilion 510n
HP Pavilion 510t
HP Pavilion 510w
HP Pavilion 5184-2191
HP Pavilion 5185-2003
HP Pavilion 5185-2917
HP Pavilion 520n
HP Pavilion 531W
HP Pavilion 6506
HP Pavilion 6508
HP Pavilion 6511
HP Pavilion 6532
HP Pavilion 6535
HP Pavilion 6540C
HP Pavilion 6545C
HP Pavilion 6553
HP Pavilion 6563Z
HP Pavilion 6573Z
HP Pavilion 6615
HP Pavilion 6623
HP Pavilion 6630
HP Pavilion 6633C
HP Pavilion 6635
HP Pavilion 6640C
HP Pavilion 6643
HP Pavilion 6645C
HP Pavilion 6646C
HP Pavilion 6648C
HP Pavilion 6653C
HP Pavilion 6657
HP Pavilion 6730
HP Pavilion 6830
HP Pavilion 6831
HP Pavilion 6832
HP Pavilion 6835
HP Pavilion 6837
HP Pavilion 6839
HP Pavilion 6841
HP Pavilion 6842
HP Pavilion 6849
HP Pavilion 68XX
HP Pavilion 6913
HP Pavilion 7800 CTO
HP Pavilion 7842
HP Pavilion 7850
HP Pavilion 7851
HP Pavilion 7852
HP Pavilion 7855
HP Pavilion 7857
HP Pavilion 7859
HP Pavilion 7861
HP Pavilion 7862
HP Pavilion 7864
HP Pavilion 7867
HP Pavilion 7875
HP Pavilion 78XX
HP Pavilion 7900 CTO
HP Pavilion 7920
HP Pavilion 7931
HP Pavilion 7932
HP Pavilion 7939
HP Pavilion 7940
HP Pavilion 7941
HP Pavilion 7947
HP Pavilion 7950
HP Pavilion 7953
HP Pavilion 7957
HP Pavilion 7960
HP Pavilion 8740
HP Pavilion 8745
HP Pavilion 8748
HP Pavilion 8750
HP Pavilion 8751
HP Pavilion 8754
HP Pavilion 8755
HP Pavilion 8760
HP Pavilion 8770
HP Pavilion 910C
HP Pavilion 9710
HP Pavilion 9715
HP Pavilion 9720
HP Pavilion 9800 CTO
HP Pavilion ATX100-5
HP Pavilion D9287-69001
HP Pavilion HP 0950-3449
HP Pavilion XE730
HP Pavilion XE736
HP Pavilion XE743
HP Pavilion XE839
HP Pavilion XG823
HP Pavilion XG833
HP Pavilion XG836
HP Pavilion XG838
HP Pavilion XG843
HP Pavilion XT860
HP Pavilion XT865
HP Pavilion XT878
HP Pavilion XT926
HP Pavilion XT933
HP Pavilion XT936
HP Pavilion XT963
HP PS-5141-4C
IBM 24P6880
IBM 24P6881
IBM 24P6883
IBM NetVista 6350-26U
IBM NetVista 6350-51U
IBM NetVista 8307-41U
IBM NetVista 8319-48u
IIsan ISP 120S
Ilsan ISP-120S
Ilssan ISP120S
Ilssan ISP120SI
In Win IP-P300BN1-0
In Win IP-P300L1-0
In Win IW-P240L1-0
ISP 120S
LandC LC-B200SFX
Liteon PS-5141-4
Liteon PS-5141-4C
Liteon PS-5141-6CT
Liteon PS-5900-2
Lotustronics ENP-2120D
Lotustronics ENP-2120H
Lotustronics SFX-1215H
Morex MXM-145TF1
Newton 79F3391
Newton NPS-200PB-56C
Newton NPS-200PB-88 A
Newton NPS-200PB-96C
Newton NPS-200PB-96D
Newton NPS-90-2A
PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 180 SFX-S
Powerex SPC-202
Powerex SPC-300-12VW
Powerex SPC-350-12VW
PowerMan FSP180-50NIV-H
PowerMan FSP270-50SNV
PowerMan FSP300-60GLS
PowerMan FSP300-60GNV
PowerMan IP-P300L1-0
Powmax LP6100A
Powmax PSLP6100AA
Samsung SFX-108C
Samsung SFX-108-C
SeaSonic SS-145SFD
SeaSonic SS-180SFD
SeaSonic SS-200SFD
SeaSonic SS-250SFD
Seventeam ST-250MAK
Soltek SS-250SFD
Soltek SS-300SFD
Sparkle 9PA2700126
Sparkle FSP180-50NIV-H
Sparkle FSP200-50SNV
Sparkle FSP270-50SNV
Sparkle FSP300-60GLS
Sparkle FSP300-60GLS-MJR
Sparkle FSP300-60GNV
Tagan TG300-FX


And more...

Chieftec BK-01B-SL-B
HP Brio BA C/333 - Celeron D7580A
HP Brio BA C/333 - Celeron D7580T
HP Brio BA C/333 - Celeron D7581A
HP Brio BA C/366 - Celeron D7582T
HP Brio BA C/366 - Celeron D7584A
HP Brio BA C/366 - Celeron D7584T
HP Brio BA C/366 - Celeron D7585A
HP Brio BA C/366 - Celeron D7585T
HP Brio BA C/366 - Celeron D7587A
HP Brio BA C/366 - Celeron D7587T
HP Brio BA C/366 - Celeron D7590A
HP Brio BA C/366 - Celeron D7598T
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7583A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7586A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7586AR
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7586T
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7588A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7588AR
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7588T
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7589A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7591A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7591AR
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7592A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7595A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7596A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7597T
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D7599A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D8415A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D8415AR
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D8415T
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D8416A
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D8416T
HP Brio BA C/400 - Celeron D8427A
HP Brio BA C/433 - Celeron D7593T
HP Brio BA C/433 - Celeron D7594A
HP Brio BA C/433 - Celeron D7594T
HP Brio BA C/433 - Celeron D8410A
HP Brio BA C/433 - Celeron D8410T
HP Brio BA C/433 - Celeron D8413A
HP Brio BA C/433 - Celeron D8413B
HP Brio BA C/433 - Celeron D8417T
HP Brio BA C/433 - Celeron D8420T
HP Brio BA C/466 - Celeron D8411A
HP Brio BA C/466 - Celeron D8411AR
HP Brio BA C/466 - Celeron D8411T
HP Brio BA C/466 - Celeron D8412A
HP Brio BA C/466 - Celeron D8414A
HP Brio BA C/466 - Celeron D8414B
HP Brio BA C/466 - Celeron D8418A
HP Brio BA C/466 - Celeron D8419A
HP Brio BA C/466 - Celeron D8419B
HP Brio BA C/500 - Celeron D8421B
HP Brio BA C/533 - Celeron D8422B
HP Brio BA C/XXX, Celeron D7599E
HP Brio BA400 C/400 -Celeron D9713A
HP Brio BA400 C/400 -Celeron D9727A
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D8932T
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D8934A
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D8934T
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D8935A
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D8935B
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D8935T
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D8937T
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D8938A
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D8939A
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D9714B
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D9715B
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D9717A
HP Brio BA400 C/433 -Celeron D9718A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8933T
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8936A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8936T
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8940A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8940B
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8941A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8942A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8943A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8943B
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8943T
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8944A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8944B
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8945A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8945T
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8946A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D8946T
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D9716A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D9720A
HP Brio BA400 C/466 -Celeron D9720T
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8767A
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8767T
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8768A
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8768T
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8769A
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8947A
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8947T
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8948A
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8948B
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8949T
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8958A
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8958B
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D8959B
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D9721A
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D9721T
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D9723T
HP Brio BA400 C/500 -Celeron D9726A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8762A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8763A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8763T
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8765A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8765B
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8766A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8952A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8952T
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8953A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8953T
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8954A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D8954B
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D9722A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D9722B
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D9722T
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D9724A
HP Brio BA400 C/533 -Celeron D9724T
HP Brio BA400 C/566 -Celeron D8760A
HP Brio BA400 C/566 -Celeron D8760T
HP Brio BA400 C/566 -Celeron D8761A
HP Brio BA400 C/566 -Celeron D8761T
HP Brio BA400 C/566 -Celeron P2242A
HP Brio BA400 C/566 -Celeron P2242B
HP Brio BA400 C/566 -Celeron P2244T
HP Brio BA400 C/566 -Celeron P2245B
HP Brio BA400 C/566 -Celeron P2246B
HP Brio BA400 C/600 -Celeron D8759A
HP Brio BA400 C/600 -Celeron D8759T
HP Brio BA400 C/600 -Celeron D8764A
HP Brio BA400 C/600 -Celeron D8764T
HP Brio BA400 C/600 -Celeron P2239T
HP Brio BA400 C/600 -Celeron P2247C
HP Brio BA400 CAP D8960E
HP Brio BA400 CAP D8961E
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D8965A
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D8968A
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9080A
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9080T
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9081A
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9081B
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9081C
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9083A
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9083B
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9084A
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9085A
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9085B
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9085C
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9085T
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9086A
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9098B
HP Brio BA600 C7/550 D9098C
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8771A
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8771T
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8773A
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8773T
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8774A
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8774T
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8777T
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8778A
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8778T
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8780A
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8780T
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8788A
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8788T
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8964A
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8967A
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8967T
HP Brio BA600 C7/600 D8969A
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8770A
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8770T
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8771C
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8772A
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8772T
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8776A
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8779C
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8781A
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8781T
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8782T
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8783A
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8783T
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8789A
HP Brio BA600 C7/650 D8789T
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8406A
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8406T
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8407A
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8407T
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8784A
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8784T
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8785A
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8785T
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8786A
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8787A
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8787T
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8962T
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8963A
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D8963T
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 D9922C
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 P2248C
HP Brio BA600 C7/700 P2249C
HP Brio BA600 CAP D9099E
HP Brio BA600 PIII/450 D9090T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/450 D9091A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/450 D9091T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/450 D9092A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/450 D9093A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/450 D9093T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/450 D9094A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9070A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9070T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9071A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9072A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9072T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9074A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9075A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9075T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9076A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9077T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9078A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9079A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9079T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9088A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9088T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/500 D9095A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/550 D8966A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/550 D8966T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/550 D9082A
HP Brio BA600 PIII/550 D9082T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/550 D9087T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/550 D9089T
HP Brio BA600 PIII/550 D9096A
HP Brio BAx 350 - PII D7600A
HP Brio BAx 350 - PII D7600T
HP Brio BAx 350 - PII D7601A
HP Brio BAx 350 - PII D7602A
HP Brio BAx 350 - PII D7603A
HP Brio BAx 350 - PII D7603T
HP Brio BAx 350 - PII D7609A
HP Brio BAx 350 - PII D7637A
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7604A
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7605A
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7605T
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7606A
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7606T
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7610A
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7610T
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7617T
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7620T
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7623A
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7624A
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7624T
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7625A
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7625T
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7627A
HP Brio BAx 400 - PII D7632A
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7611T
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7612T
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7616A
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7616AR
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7616T
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7621T
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7628T
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7629A
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7629AR
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7629T
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7630A
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7630AR
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7633A
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7634A
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7635A
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7635AR
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7635T
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D7636A
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D8390T
HP Brio BAx 450 - PIII D8396T
HP Brio BAx 500 - PIII D8391T
HP Brio BAx 500 - PIII D8392A

HP Brio BAx 500 - PIII D8393A
HP Brio BAx 500 - PIII D8393T
HP Brio BAx 500 - PIII D8394A
HP Brio BAx 500 - PIII D8395A
HP Brio BAx 500 - PIII D8397T
HP Brio BAx XXX D7637E
HP Brio BAx XXX D7638E
HP Brio BAx XXX D7639E
HP Pavilion 4540
HP Pavilion 6605 desktop PC (AP) D9971A
HP Pavilion 6609 desktop PC (AP) D9973A
HP Pavilion 6613 desktop PC (AP) P1316A
HP Pavilion 6615 desktop PC (AP) P1317A
HP Pavilion 6616 desktop PC (AP) P1318A
HP Pavilion 6618 desktop PC (AP) P1381A
HP Pavilion 6619 desktop PC (AP) P1382A
HP Pavilion 6620 desktop PC (FR) P1033A
HP Pavilion 6620 desktop PC (UK) P1020A
HP Pavilion 6622 desktop PC (AP) P3010A
HP Pavilion 6625 desktop PC (FR) P1034A
HP Pavilion 6630 desktop PC (FR) P1035A
HP Pavilion 6630 desktop PC (UK) P1022A
HP Pavilion 6650 desktop PC (FR) P1039A
HP Pavilion 6650 desktop PC (UK) P1026A
HP Pavilion 6700 desktop PC (AP) P1527A
HP Pavilion 6700 desktop PC (AP) P1527R
HP Pavilion 6701 desktop PC (AP) P2921A
HP Pavilion 6701 desktop PC (AP) P2921R
HP Pavilion 6710 desktop PC (UK) P1418A
HP Pavilion 6715 desktop PC (FR) P1431A
HP Pavilion 6720 desktop PC (UK) P1420A
HP Pavilion 6726 desktop PC (AP) P1530A
HP Pavilion 6726 desktop PC (AP) P1530R
HP Pavilion 6751 desktop PC (AP) P1531A
HP Pavilion 6751 desktop PC (AP) P1531R
HP Pavilion 7700 desktop PC (AP) P2838A
HP Pavilion 7700 desktop PC (AP) P2838R
HP Pavilion 7702 desktop PC (AP) P1532A
HP Pavilion 7702 desktop PC (AP) P1532R
HP Pavilion 7705 desktop PC (AP) P3027A
HP Pavilion 7705 desktop PC (AP) P3027R
HP Pavilion 7706 desktop PC (AP) P3903A
HP Pavilion 7706 desktop PC (AP) P3903R
HP Pavilion 7708 desktop PC (AP) P3961A
HP Pavilion 7840 desktop PC (AP) P2939A
HP Pavilion 7840 desktop PC (AP) P2939AR
HP Pavilion 7850 desktop PC
HP Pavilion 7855 desktop PC (US/CAN, SP) P3930A
HP Pavilion 7855 desktop PC (US/CAN, SP) P3930AR
HP Pavilion 8740 desktop PC (NL) P1414A
HP Pavilion 8740 desktop PC (NW) P1406A
HP Pavilion 8740 desktop PC (SP) P1395A
HP Pavilion 8740 desktop PC (SW) P1400A
HP Pavilion 8745 desktop PC (NL) P1415A
HP Pavilion 8748 desktop PC (FR) P2865A
HP Pavilion 8750 desktop PC (FR) P1429A
HP Pavilion 8750 desktop PC (NL) P1416A
HP Pavilion 8750 desktop PC (SP) P2867A
HP Pavilion 8750 desktop PC (SW) P2882A
HP Pavilion 8750 desktop PC (UK) P2846A
HP Pavilion 8751 desktop PC (FR) P1040A
HP Pavilion 8754 desktop PC (FR) P2856A
HP Pavilion 8755 desktop PC (FR) P2857A
HP Pavilion 8755 desktop PC (NW) P2876A
HP Pavilion 8760 desktop PC (FR) P2858A
HP Pavilion 8760 desktop PC (UK) P2847A
HP Pavilion 8770 desktop PC (UK) P2848A
HP Pavilion 9710 desktop PC (FR) P2861A
HP Pavilion 9710 desktop PC (NL) P2889A
HP Pavilion 9715 desktop PC (UK) P2850A
HP Pavilion 9720 desktop PC (FR) P2863A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8121A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8121AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8121T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8122N
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8122NR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8122T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8123A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8123AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8123T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8124A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8124AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/366 D8125T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8130A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8130AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8130T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8131A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8131AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8131T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8132N
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8132NR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8132T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8133A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8133AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8133T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8134A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8134AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/400 D8135T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/433 D8141A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/433 D8141AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/433 D8141T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/433 D8142N
HP Vectra VEi7 C/433 D8142NR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/433 D8142T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/433 D8143A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/433 D8143AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/433 D8143T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8113T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8126A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8126AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8126T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8127N
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8127NR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8127T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8128A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8128AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8128T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8129A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8129AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8144A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8144AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8144T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8148A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8148AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/466 D8148T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8112A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8112T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8114A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8116T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8136A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8136AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8136T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8137N
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8137NR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8138A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8138AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8138T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8139A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 D8139AR
HP Vectra VEi7 C/500 P1621T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8117A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8117T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8118N
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8145A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8145T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8146N
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8147A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8147T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8149A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/533 D8149T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/566 P1618A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/566 P1618T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/566 P1619A
HP Vectra VEi7 C/566 P1619T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/566 P1620N
HP Vectra VEi7 C/566 P1622T
HP Vectra VEi7 C/CAP D8120AV
HP Vectra VEi7 C/CAP D8120E
HP Vectra VEi8 350 D8166A
HP Vectra VEi8 350 D8166AR
HP Vectra VEi8 350 D8166T
HP Vectra VEi8 350 D8167N
HP Vectra VEi8 350 D8167NR
HP Vectra VEi8 350 D8168A
HP Vectra VEi8 350 D8168AR
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8150A
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8150AR
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8151A
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8151AR
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8151T
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8152N
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8152NR
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8152T
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8153A
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8153AR
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8153T
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8154A
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8154T
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8155A
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8155AR
HP Vectra VEi8 400 D8156T
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8161A
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8163A
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8169A
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8169AR
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8169T
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8171A
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8171AR
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8171T
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8172N
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8172NR
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8172T
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8173A
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8173AR
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8173T
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8174A
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8174AR
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8175T
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8176T
HP Vectra VEi8 450 D8177T
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8178T
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8181A
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8181AR
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8181T
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8182N
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8182NR
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8182T
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8183A
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8183AR
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8183C
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8183T
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8184A
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8184AR
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8184T
HP Vectra VEi8 500 D8185T
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8157T
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8179N
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8186A
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8186AR
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8186T
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8187N
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8187NR
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8187T
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8188A
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8188AR
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8188T
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D8189T
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D9784A
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D9784T
HP Vectra VEi8 550 D9784TR
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/550 D9781A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/550 D9781T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/550 D9782N
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/550 D9782T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/550 D9783A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/550 D9783T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D8158T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9786A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9786B
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9786T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9787N
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9787T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9788A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9788AR
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9788B
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9788C
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/600 D9788T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D8159N
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D8164T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D8165T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D8165TR
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9780T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9785A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9785T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9789A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9789T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9790A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9791A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9791B
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9791T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9792N
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9792T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9793A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9793AR
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9793B
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 D9793T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 P1626A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 P1626B
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 P1626T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 P1627N
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 P1627T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 P1628A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 P1628B
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/700 P1628T
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/750 P1633A
HP Vectra VEi8 C7/750 P1633T
HP Vectra VEi8 CAP D8160AV
HP Vectra VEi8 CAP D8160E
HP Vectra VEi8 CAP D8170E


This compatibility list is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge. However, it is only a guide to help you find a suitable PSU and we cannot guarantee compatibility at 100%. We do not assume any liability whatsoever for the accuracy and completeness of the above information.

Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE)





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