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How to choose a computer Power Supply Unit (PSU)

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To find your required PSU, please visit our PSU compatibility list here >>

Or contact us by phone or email with your model number.


A lot of Power Supply Units (PSU) are interchangeable and it is usually not necessary to replace a faulty power supply by the exact same model number. In fact most big PC manufacturers charge high prices for a PSU which can often be replaced by other cheaper and high quality PSUs.


There are a few things to check when choosing a Power Supply Unit.





This is one of the most important things to check. The Power supply size (or at least the screw fittings) must match your original PSU in order to fit your PC. All the other characteristics of a PSU are standard and are usually suitable for most computers.

See some PSU types bellow. Check our website for more types.

More size information here >>

Click on the PSUs bellow to see their compatibility list.


Power Supply Types




The more power the better (and the more expensive). The computer only draws the amount of power required and the extra power available becomes handy if additional components are added later. Therefore a more powerful PSU is NOT more expensive to run and will not damage your computer.

Most home PC require a 250 to 300W PSU, but servers, game machines, bitcoin miners and bigger computers can require a 400W to 600W and even a 1000W PSU.




Most PSUs specifications are standard and are suitable for most computers.

Some higher capacity PSUs have Multi 12Volt rails in order to prevent fire in powerful and demanding systems, however, a standard single 12V PSU is fine to use in any home or office computer.




Most of our PSUs are high quality heavy Branded PSUs with reliable components which means they are:

-Durable and Reliable (provide a regular, stable and clean DC current).

-Under a 1 year warranty.

-Quite (With noise killer, fan speed & temperature control and quite fan).

-With PFC (Energy saving Device).

-With CE or Global safety certifications.

-Set to 230volt or 115/230V for worldwide use.

-80+ certified: they only waste 20% of energy as heat which means less ventilation and less noise. There are various levels of efficiency available (80+, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium).




Most PSUs come with all the standard connectors required by most computers. Should more connectors be required, we can supply adaptors. Note that some rare PSUs require some special non standard connectors. Ask for availability.

It is not possible to plug the connectors wrong since they all have a specific shape.

Unused connectors can just be left tied up on the side of the PSU.

More connector information here >>  



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