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Thermal Control Board IS-F08

IS-F08 thermal control board


Monitor the temperature of up to 2 devices & up to 8 cooling fFans.


Supports up to 8 fans.


2 supplied temperature sensors. Wire length: 72cm. Flat head can easily be taped on the devices to be monitored.


3 temperature level setting.


Flashing LEDs & Alarm goes off when overheating or fan failure occurs.


Dimension: 40 x 80mm.


Fitting: 4 supplied screws. The rectangle formed by the 4 screws holes measures 70x32mm.


Especially designed for most 19" rackmounts.


If used in a standard PC chassis or any other enclosure, this device need to be isolated to prevent contact with the chassis and avoid short circuit.


Supplied with a plastic sheet to insert between the IS-F08 and the chassis to prevent short circuit.




To be connected to a standard

power supply Molex connector. 



1.   The fan detection IC will automatically detect the number and the position of fans on the board.

2.   The fan should not be relocated before turning off the power. Or, the IC will identify the fan as malfunction.

3.   The fan LED will be on all the time when all the fans are well functioned. The LED light will flash and buzzer
will generated the beep sound when there is any fan fails.

4.   Check all the fans and replace the faulty fan when you hear the beep sound or see the LED flashing light on the board. Note that the position of the fan must be identical after replacement, otherwise, the alarm will keep ringing..

5.   The fan MUST be the 3 pin clock type of fan.



1.   SI, S2 are two thermal sensors. Setup jumpers and use 50C. 60C and 70C  as the alarm firing point. .

2.   Setup the jumpers depending on the temperature required. These two jumpers can be setup individually in different
locations for temperature detections.

3.   The buzzer may generate the beep sound if temperature is not setup properly. The LED light will also be flashing when
the buzzer beeps. Make sure the temperature is setup properly.



1. When a fan fails, the buzzer will generate a beep sound and the LED will also flash. Identify the faulty fan and the rotation speed of the fan right away. The buzzer will stop beeping when pressing the RESET button. if the LED is still flashing, Change the fan right away.

2. The buzzer will generate a beep sound when a thermal sensor fails. SI, S2 LED will be flashing in mean time. (You can easily identify which set is overheating) The buzzer will stop beeping when pressing RESET button. If the LED is still flashing, please change the fan right away. Once the failure parts have been identified, the function will be back to normal.

3. When the system is not functioning, here are the possible problems:

              Power shortage

              Malfunctioning fan.

              Malfunctioning thermal sensor.

NOTE: Make sure to turn off the power before moving the control board. It's highly possible to damage the IC or the circuit board when unplugging the 4 pin connector without turning off the power.

Some chassis are equipped with an alarm rest switch and front LEDs that will flash when the alarm goes off. However, the IS-F08 can be used without those. In which case, the beeper only will make you aware of a fan or temperature problem, and it will stop when the faulty part is replaced. However, any standard reset switch can be connected to the IS-F08 to stop the beeper.


  IS-F08 diagram IS-F08 jumper setting  

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