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BTX Desktop PSU


4U 19"Rackmount chassis. Takes Extended ATX boards, standard PS2 ATX or Dual Power Supply Unit.


Front Metal door with key lock

12cm fan space. Can take a fan guard and filter.

7x Adjustable card holders. Takes up to 34cm long cards.


Rear view: 7 standard PCI slots, Takes standard ATX PS2 PSU or Mini Redundant PSU.



Included: Removable handles, HDD Holder bracket,

Kit bag with Thermal Control Board.


When using an extended ATX board (size up to 12" x 13"), the lowest 5.25" bay may not be used for a DVD drive. It can still be used for other devices such as a cooler as long as the device does not exceed 100mm in depth. A DVD drive placed in the second 5.25" bay would be at 50mm above the motherboard.

(Drive and board pictures are not included in this package).


Motherboard stand offs

Drive cage especially designed to accept extended boards 12" x 13"





Generally accepted industrial standard 4U 19" rackmount chassis.


Strong and heavy structure.


1x Optional 120mm fan at front. A fan guard can also be fitted with the fan.


Drive module mounted on shock proof rubber pads.


7 adjustable card holders.


1 Lockable metal front doors.


1x front USB. (An optional 3.5" front USB Kit can be added in a front bay).


Includes a Thermal Cintrol Board (to monitor 2 temperature sensors and fan).


Takes standard PS2 PSU or Mini Redundant PSU.


Can take an Extended ATX 12" x 13" motherboard with no drive in the bottom 5.25" bay. Other devices not exceeding 100mm in depth may be use (cooler, etc...)


Can take any Hot Swap RAID boxes.





  HDD bracket

 First 3.5" HDD (HDD not included)

mouse over the picture

Second 3.5" HDD on top of the drive cage

(HDD not included)

Drive cage shock proof rubber pads  




Model Number:



Logo Badge:



5.25" Bays: Exposed



3.5" Bays: Exposed / Hidden

1 / 2


Mother board:

ATX, Dual CPU Extended  ATX (With no CD ROM drive in bottom bay)


Power Supply Unit:

ATX PS2 / Mini Redundant PSU



1x 120mm


Size: H x W x D

175 x 428 x 450mm (492with handle) 


Weight: NW / GW

13.5 KGS / 15.5Kg



40' Cont: 559 Pcs / UK Pallet: 24Pcs

Box size: 30x58x61cm





computer case fans

SLR3500 19inch rails

Mini redundant PSU


Computer case fans

Front USB x2, Audio & Firewire ports for a 3.5" bay (or 5.25" bay with a bay converter).

19" rails SLR3500.

Maximum extension: 68cm.

19" rails SLR3500

MRT-6320P mini redundant PSU



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