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KM2098 2U rackmount chassis


BTX Desktop PSU

2U, 19" Rackmount. 8 bays. Takes standard ATX PS2 PSU, Ext ATX boards up to 11.5"x12".


KM2098 2U Rack


Front view


KM2098 2U Rack

Front view with open doors

KM2098 2U Rack inside

Back view with 80mm fan, and 3x PCI SLots








1 x front USB behind 2 lockable metal doors.


2 Easy access front filters & vent holes on lid.


3 x 80mm fan space (1 included).


Takes Micro ATX, ATX Motherboard.


Takes Standard PSII PSU (with 8cm fan).


Options: Rails for 19 cabinet fitting (Ref EYErail or SLR3500), Rigid or Flexible 32Bit Riser card, Low profile back window, PSU.


CE certified. Download CE Certificate here >>


Remark: Does not take Thermal Control Board IS-F08. No riser card included. Comes with removable rubber feet.

           Due to the depth of this rack it is not possible to install it in 60cm deep cabinet.





KM2098 2U Rack inside

Inside view with optional PSU. There is room for an extended ATX 11.5"x12" however, there are some missing screw holes.

KM2098 2U Rack


3 x Drive cages & PSU at front

KM2098 2U Rack


Rear HDD cage with 80mm fan


KM2098 2U Rack


Front drive cages

KM2098 2U Rack

Front Lock & LEDs


An ATX PSU with a 12cm fan on top is not suitable

due to the lack of room for ventilation.


KM2098 2U Rack




In order to use the optional rigid riser card, the slot MUST be at 177mm away from the side of the motherboard.

Alternatively, if the motherboard slots are not at the right place, you may be able to use a flexible ribbon riser card.


This rack is now available with a back window that takes standard PCI cards and riser cards. However, because it was initially designed with a back window for low profile cards, there are 3 missing holes on the side, near the PCI slots>>>


These holes would have allowed a screwdriver and screws to be inserted to secure the PCI cards easily. In order to install your PCI cards and riser cards, please follow the instructions bellow.  





Model Number:


Logo Badge:



5.25" Bays: Exposed



3.5" Bays: Exposed / Hidden

1 / 6


Mother board:

Micro ATX, ATX, Extended ATX up to 11.5"x12"


Power Supply Unit:

Standard ATX PS2 PSU (with 80mm fan)



1x 80mm at rear (Included), 2 x slim 80mm at front (Optional)


Size: H x W x D

 95 x 430 x 563mm (+20mm Handles)  

Weight: NW / GW

9 / 10Kg  


UK Pallet: 30Pcs

Box size: 18x56x65cm





pc cooling fans

3 32bit pci riser card

SLR3500 19inch rails

EYERails 19inch rails


PC fans

3 x 32bit PCI Slot riser card

19" rails SLR3500.

Maximum extension: 68cm.

19" rails SLR3500

Maximum extension: 700m

Maximum cabinet depth: 800mm..

19" rails EYE-Rails

  KM2098 2U Rack low profile

Optional Low Profile Window

16x pcie riser card 32bit ribbon riser card  

PCI Express 16x riser card

Ribbon 32bit PCI riser card  


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