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KMB1391BS / KMB1391BB

aka OE-B01, OE1381B

KMB1391B BTX Desktop chassis


BTX Desktop PSU


Micro BTX Slim Case.

New technology, new design, new layout for a better air flow & acoustic performences.


KMB1391B BTX desktop case

KMB1391BS (Silver mesh)


KMB1391B BTX Desktop Chassis

KMB1391BB (Black mesh)


KMB1391B front

Front view (without front panel)

KMB1391B back

Back View

KMB1391B inside





Micro BTX Slim Desktop / Tower.


Can be positioned horizontally or vertically.


Screwless HDD feature for a fast and easy installation.


With branded 275W PSU from FSP, with SATA & 24 pin power connector.


2 x Front USB + Audio front ports. 


3 x low profile back slots.


Complying with CE & FCC requirements.


Material: 0.8mm SECC


A variety of deigns available.

Important note:


-This chassis is NOT suitable for standard Micro ATX Motherboards.


-To fit any of our BTX chassis, your motherboard needs to have the CPU at a 45degree angle. Motherboards with the CPU positioned straight will not fit.

Check specifications of suitable Motherboards here>>


-Some BTX PCs like Dell Optiplex have the correct board but the front panel USBs, Audio ports, LEDs and switches are not connected on the board in a conventional way. This may make the transfer of Dell parts to our BTX chassis difficult. You may be able to get round this problem by using our "Front USB & Audio Ports Kit" (see item No 9 on our ACCESSORIES page). Please contact us in case of any doubt. See more info here >>


Our BTX chassis come with the standard headers pictured on the right. Make sure they can be plugged on your BTX motherboard  >>>

BTX I/O Shield

 Example of BTX I/O Shield provided with the Motherboard

(Longer than ATX standard I/O Shield)



  KMB1391B usb KMB1391B drive cage KMB1391B air duct  
  Front USB & mesh

Mesh & air filter

(mouse over the picture)

Screwless drives

Front air duct  
  KMB1391B low profile pci slot FSP275-50BWN CFX PSU Rubber feet Foot stand  
  3 x low profile PCI slots CFX PSU Rubber feet for horizontal position Foot for vertical position  

KMB1381 OE-B01 BTX Desktop chassis


Alternative front panel: KMB1381


DT-01 BTX Desktop case

Alternative front panel: DT-01


KMB1381B OE-B01 BTX Desktop case

Alternative front panel: KMB1381B


KMB1371 TU-B01 BTX desktop case

Alternative front panel: KMB1371B / KMB1371









Model Number:

KMB1391BS / KMB1391BB


Logo Badge:


5.25" Bays: Exposed


3.5" Bays: Exposed / Hidden

1 / 2


Motherboard Form Factor:

Pico BTX 203x267mm (8"x10.5")

Micro BTX 264x267mm (10.4"x10.5")

with the CPU at a 45degree angle. Check compatible BTX boards here>>


Power Supply Unit:



No case fan required  

Size: H x W x D

110x395x385 mm


Weight: NW / GW

5 / 6KG



64pcs / UK pallet:

Box size: 16x46x46cm




  BTX cooler PCI Express 16x riser card 32bit flexible ribbon riser card    

BTX CPU Cooler

PCI Express 16x riser card

Check compatibility with

your BTX board here >>

Flexible 32bit PCI riser cards


Useful links:


BTX explained

Micro BTX Motherboard specifications

BTX Tower case KMB3379B

BTX Tower case KMB3389B




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