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RT-313 Gaming case


BTX Desktop PSU


Gaming ATX chassis with space for 11 drives and 6 large colour fans



RT-313 ATX Gaming Case

Gaming case with optional front colour fans.

Mouse over the picture to see the blue front LED.

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case

Front view with all lights switched off.

Mouse over the picture









Gaming ATX PC Chassis.


Takes up to 6 large colour fans & 11 drives.


With handle & easy snap on/off front panel.


Adjustable VGA card holder.


Tool free drive installation.


Nice matt black finish inside & outside.


Ports on top (Behind door) : HD Audio, 2xUSB 2.0 & 1xUSB 3.0.


2 holes at rear for water cooling system.


Transparent plastic left side with thumb screws.


Material: Plastic, 0.6mm steel, mesh.


Comes with bag of screws, board stand off and cable ties.


Optional ATX PSU & colour or black fans.





Gaming case colour fan

Rear 90 or 120mm

optional fan

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case back

Rear view with PSU at bottom

& 7 full size PCI slots

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case inside

Inside view with drive cages for up to 11 drives

& long VGA adjustable card holder.


Opening for external

water cooler


RT-313 ATX Gaming Case inside

Chassis painted black all over


RT-313 ATX Gaming Case usb


Ports on top. 1xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, HD audio.

Mouse over the picture to see the flap door.









RT-313 ATX Gaming Case HDD cage

Tool free HDD installation

RT-313 Hdd cage

4x2.5" HDD + 4x3.5" HDD space

RT-313 HDD cage

Drive case & adjustable VGA card holder


RT-313 ATX Gaming Case hdd rails

Tool free HDD rails with

shock proof rubber washers.

Mouse over the picture








RT-313 ATX gaming case USB3

USB 3.00 board connector

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case USB

Front parts

Mouse over the picture

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case buttin

On/Off button with red LED

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case handles









RT-313 ATX Gaming Case Top

Vent holes and fan space on top, bottom, rear & front.

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case Top

Removable top for fan installation.

Mouse over the picture for instructions









RT-313 ATX Gaming Case PSU

Bottom mounted PSU

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case Filter

Filter under the chassis

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case fans

Rear & top optional fans

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case mesh

Mesh design with air filter.

Mouse over the picture









RT-313 ATX Gaming Case light effect

Illuminated case with 6 optional colour fans.

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case bottom

Bottom with vent holes

& fan space

RT-313 ATX Gaming Case light effect

Front blue LED when

the PC is On

Mouse over the picture


RT-313 ATX Gaming Case kit bag

Included bag

of screws

















Model Number:



Logo Badge:



5.25" Bays: Exposed


  3.5" Bays: Exposed / Hidden 0 / 4  

2.5" Bays: Hidden



Mother board:

Micro ATX, ATX


Power Supply Unit:

Standard PS2 ATX PSU (Optional)



Top: 2x12 or 14cm, Front: 2x12cm, Rear: 1x9 or 12cm, Bottom: 1x12cm fan (all optional)


Size: H x W x D



Weight: NW / GW




Box: 52x28x60cm, 26Pcs per UK pallet

Container: 20FT: 350Pcs, 40FT: 700Pcs, 40HQ: 880Pcs





PC cooling fans

LED fan

ATX power supply Unit    

PC cooling fans

Blue LED 12cm fans

Takes a standard ATX PSU



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